On Learning Fragmentation

On Learning Fragmentation

The most effective way to learn something new is by aligning it with other areas of our lives. The less compartmentalizing we do in life, the easier it is to be motivated to do the hard work.

When learning a language, or how to use a software, or understanding some piece of history, it’s worth asking ourselves: how can I approach this process in a way that I learn/acquire what I want, but it also pushes my other life projects (career/business development, family, health, etc.) forward at the same time?

This has both the benefits of being motivating because of the extra rewards, and also being more effective because it’s learning by doing and applying, instead of “simulating” challenges/incentives disconnected from your daily reality.

The more segmentations people have in their lives, the harder it is for them to be consistent in the long run.

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