On Credentials

On Credentials

Only credential that matters is people (customers, employees, partners, bosses) that can say good things about you AFTER having skin in the game in you. Only trust those that had something to lose and still can speak well.

Everything else, every award, every title, every presentation, every press mention, every online profile, every recommendation… It can all be subject to politics, manipulation, polishing, knowing the right people. And in most cases, it is.

I don’t mind the show, and I don’t expect to stop it since it entertains a big majority that would rather hold an illusion of competence or success instead of doing the work of having happy customers, employees, partners, bosses.

There’s no limit to how far people will delude themselves in order to avoid doing the hard things in life and business.

However, we should always remember this when it’s time to invest our time/money on someone or something. In a world booming with credentials with no skin in the game behind them, frauds are everywhere.

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