90 Day Productivity Run

90 Day Productivity Run

Sparked after reading a couple of posts by Sebastian Marshall here and here, I’m actually doing my own “90 Day Productivity Run”. The goal is to be healthy in body and mind, and to reach a large number of personal and professional objectives at the end of 90 days, thanks to a short term burst of effort and focus. Here I show my list of objectives for those 90 days, categorized under 5 areas.


* Define and stick to fixed sleep and wake-up schedules.
* Workout every morning.
* Healthy breakfast every morning.
* Read list of Fears every morning.


* One philosophical dinner per month.
* Read 90 minutes per day.
* Write one post per week.
* Read 5 RSS articles each morning.
* Four 90 minute sessions per week for my 30 Days Challenges.
* Bi-weekly skype calls to chat ideas and philosophy with a couple of friends.


* Build 3 “bridges” between friends each week.
* 4 hours of volunteer work per week.


* Build and prioritize daily morning and night routines.
* Block social networks for most of the day (active the night before).
* Check social networks for 10 minutes every night.
* Stop watching the NBA.
* Use tablet in case of urgency to check social networks.
* Review Short and Long Term Goals every night.
* Iterate systems and kill bad habits every time a review exposes flaws.
* Plan and write down my to-do list every night for the following day.
* Document every day of the 90 day run.


* Inform advisors on projects’ development every weekend.
* Have 80% of JumpLab’s structure defined in 45 days.
* Launch JumpLab.
* Keep a steady rhythm with JumpLab’s schedule.
* Redesign CarlosMiceli.com (*finished in 15 days*).
* Join a High-Level Network project (*done*).

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