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Month: July 2015

Quotes July 2015

Quotes July 2015

“Follow your dreams. It’s a lovely slogan for a life most people can’t afford to live.” – Masters of Sex

“The legal system does not work very well… unless you owe them money, and then they are a finely tuned machine. You owe the court a nickel, and these guys are a precision piece of Swiss engineering. They owe you money? They become a drunken urine-soaked Mexican piñata. Those are the differences. They owe you? Nothing. You owe them? Look out, baby, that’s where the supercomputer goes to work. Other than that, it’s a monkey with a bataka bat smacking on an abacus.” – Adam Carolla

“You’re not thinking of other things because you’re bored; you’re bored because you’re thinking of other things.” – Colin Marshall

“If my life is made up of 10 priorities, then it’s not as simple as saying that if I move the business from being priority two to priority one, that the business is going to benefit. The trick is to figure out which ordering of priorities provides the maximum overall benefit.” – John Steimle

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