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Month: April 2015

Cultural Facts about Buenos Aires

Cultural Facts about Buenos Aires

Cultural facts I didn’t know about Buenos Aires:

  • Every weekend, there are about 300 active theatres with plays, a number that places the city as 1st worldwide, more than either London, New York or Paris.
  • The Buenos Aires International Book fair is one of the top five book fairs in the world.
  • With one bookstore per 8,000 residents, the city of Buenos Aires has more bookstores than the entire country of Mexico, which has over 100 million inhabitants.
  • Buenos Aires houses more bookstores per capita than any city in the world.
Quotes April 2015

Quotes April 2015

“No one can say I’m part of a multitude without me joining voluntarily—you can threaten me, and I might submit out of a mix of cowardice or pragmatism. But no moral authority can be asserted over me—not by a vote, not by the head of a religion, not by a dictator, not by the mandate of heaven. You’re not one in a multitude unless you want to be. You can become one in a multitude if you want—that’s your choice—but you can never ascribe someone else as part of a multitude without their consent.” – Sebastian Marshall

“It sounds cruel, but survivors laugh and play, and even in the most horrible situations—perhaps especially in those situations—they continue to laugh and play. To deal with reality you must first recognize it as such. Play puts a person in touch with his environment, while laughter makes the feeling of being threatened manageable.” – Laurence Gonzales

“Lovers cannot remain philosophers for long, they should give way to the religious impulse, which is to believe and have faith, as opposed to the philosophic impulse, which is to doubt and enquire. They should prefer the risk of being wrong and in love to being in doubt and without love.” – Alain de Botton

“I was not religious, but I liked rituals. I liked the idea of connecting an action with remembering.” – John Green

“We have run out of money. Now we have to think.” – Winston Churchill

“Traditional education is the development of what other people judge as potential. Entrepreneurship is the development of what you judge as potential.” – Carlos Miceli

“There’s two differences in trying to learn from those that have read/listened/thought about what they are teaching, and those that acquired the lessons through their personal sacrifice and mistakes: 1) ethical teaching, and 2) learning effectiveness.” – Carlos Miceli

“Hardware eventually fails. Software eventually works.” – Michael Hartung

On Finishability

On Finishability

Tom Standage, deputy editor of The Economist, explains why finishability, distillation and advocacy are what’s unique about the magazine, and shares his thoughts on the threats and opportunities in the news industry. Very relevant for anyone involved in online content—that is, everyone. Some excerpts:

“We sell the antidote to information overload — we sell a finite, finishable, very tightly curated bundle of content. […] The “you’ve got to the end and now you’ve got permission to go do something else” is something you never get. You can never finish the Internet, you can never finish Twitter, and you can never really finish The New York Times, to be honest. So at its heart is that we have this very high density of information, and the promise we make to the reader is that if you trust us to filter and distill the news, and if you give us an hour and a half of your time — which is roughly how long people spend reading The Economist each week — then we’ll tell you what matters in the world and what’s going on.”

“I think what’s interesting about the current environment is that there is an awful amount of froth around. There are an awful lot of news organizations that are being funded with VC money, and the VCs have persuaded themselves that because the news organizations use software, they’re a bit like tech companies and can be valued like tech companies. I don’t think it’s true, and I think an awful lot of these companies seem to have business models that are dependent on advertising, and I don’t think it’s going to work. So I think there’s going to be a shakeout.”

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